List of products by brand NATURA


NATURA is NATURAL because it is born from the best sunflower seeds exhaustively selected. NATURA is SANO because it is pure, since it is obtained from the first cold pressing, so it keeps the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6 that help reduce cholesterol unchanged. NATURA is LIGHTWEIGHT and TRANSPARENT for its double refinement and its five filtering processes certified by the most demanding quality standards. NATURA is 0% TRANS because only the best sunflower seeds are used for its production, exhaustively selected based on their variety and stability (conditions of moisture and acidity). This optimal raw material combined with the latest technology ensures the health of the product.

Healthy, light and natural... why?

The first cold pressing is a mechanical oil extraction system: the seeds enter a pressing screw and are subjected to constant pressure until they release the oil contained in them. This system is the only one that does not use solvents or other chemical agents, so it guarantees that the product is 100% natural vegetable oil, with its characteristics and properties intact.