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Many wonder how to start a project, why one chooses that project and not another..., but sometimes the projects arise, and one does not know why, begins the way, works incessantly and then begins to understand the reasons why you are in that project.... It may take years to understand...

If you're about to start something new, I invite you to learn about my story, which may help you make up your mind. Sometimes you don't know why, but you have to start, in the long run you'll know why.

Tea Blends For You was born in 2011 after a few months of internal search for something new. That time was a discover of outstanding, latent, non-tea-related topics in principle, until alchemy began to awaken and between tests and home experiments for no apparent reason are born blends, even without name.

Why Tea? I didn't know why, it was just something creative and fun, boundless, and something pleasurable to enjoy and savor alone and among friends. It was an intensive study and practice time, my first steps in Sabe La Tierra San Fernando with my 5 blends.

My practices encouraged me to create new blends, get new and better ingredients and advance in this fascinating world, expanding the number of products.

Then began the workshops at the request of several people who wanted to learn and begin this journey and who luckily have been able to achieve it.

But it was after a while that I understood why I was on this tea path.

It is strange because until 2010 I dedicated my professional career to Systems Consulting, working 25 years on the subject, mainly at the Accenture International Consultancy, which is far removed from the world of Tea.

I always drank coffee, tea and some matte and when doing this analysis I understood everything....

During my childhood and youth, my father "Paco", worked in "El Cafetal", those who are my age, will remember that company, currently there is no more.

"El Cafetal" was dedicated to making Coffees, Teas and Chocolates, so imagine my life at the time.

I remember the breakfasts were with lattes made of filter in the "ball" coffee maker. We had several stainless steel, and the glass one was for parties!. The coffee was in grain and was ground with the electric grinder and handle.

Snacks were with black tea in strands, very strong, with milk, something not common at the time, at least within my realm of friendships. Tea blends didn't exist at the time for me.

The matte came later....

Easter was phenomenal with the giant Easter eggs my father brought. We put the largest ornament in the living room until Easter day it opened. I sneaked in the white chocolate flowers every night, and no one noticed....

And without realizing it I conveyed the taste for good coffee and tea to my family, the example is the best! and the memories are printed!

Today we have national reach throughout Argentina, we distribute our teas to confectionery, tearooms, natural warehouses, entrepreneurs and also to companies. You can find us in different parts of the country, and also in Big Box You can also buy our products here. We are proud of everything we have achieved over the years! The key? Lots of work, customer service, patience, positive energy and some luck.

I invite you to tour this world of tea!