List of products by brand ARGENTI LEMON

In the province of San Juan the production, packaging and marketing of table grapes is developed. This region is internationally recognized as an ideal ecosystem for growing high quality seedless white table grapes.We market the varieties of White table grapes Imperial Seedless and, of color, Red Globe and Flame, in the different commercial calibers, as well as, raisins of grapes.They are packed in boxes of 8.2 kg., 4.5 kg., and 5 kg. (Carry Bag and Clamshell).
In the province of Tucumán the production, packaging and marketing of fresh lemon is developed. Thanks to the large volume of own fruit intended mainly for industrial products allows us to make a rigorous selection of commercial qualities throughout the campaign in the different calibers required by the fresh fruit markets.We have the only independent packaging line in the country for natural lemon processing without post-harvest chemical treatment.
In the Upper Rio Negro Valley, the production, packaging, cold and export of pomaceas is developed. The ecosystem that forms on the banks and between fences of this river is recognized worldwide.Its exports lead the world's markets.Pear Williams from Argentina is recognized in the world and fruit markets, as the best in the season of the Southern Hemisphere. We also produce and market William's, Packham's Triumph and D'Anjou pears, as well as Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples.They are packed in boxes of 10 kg and 18 kg.